Milind Mathur

I am a software developer and technology enthusiast, currently working for Amazon as SDE. I like building scalable and distributed backend systems and enjoy working with cloud based technologies like AWS. Solving programming problems and turning ideas into products is my ultimate passion. For more, see my resume here.

Academically, I did Masters in computer science from Delhi Technological University (India) and my dissertation on Lempel Ziv compression using CUDA (GPU based massively parallel processing) can be found here pdf ppt.

In leisure time, you would find me exploring the world of ATMEGA controllers, arduino and raspberry pi and doing competitive programming on A true gamer at heart, my favorites include counter strike, assassin's creed series and age of mythology. I also blog about random tech stuff which be accessed here.

Outside my computer screen, I like going to beaches and discover nature with my beautiful wife. Some of my other interests are reading, driving, following and speculating about the English Premier League.

Some of the projects that I have worked on can be found here.


Email: m i l i n d m a t h u r [AT] g m a i l . c o m (without the spaces)

You could accidently bump into me around here: